a highly extensible backbone for integrating Java projects
Fleshed out and ready to use.

As a keel to a ship, Keel Framework stabilizes the waters of open source development.

Keel is ready made server side infrastructure. Keel incorporates multiple open source projects to provide you with a best of breed framework that works right out of the box.

* Security layer
* Database abstraction layer
* Messaging layer
* Business logic layer
* User Interface layer 
* Struts
* Cocoon
* Velocity
* Others in the works.

By integrating the basic components every server may need, Keel is much like many other application development frameworks.

What differentiates Keel is its component design, allowing new implementations to be added and old implementations replaced - without requiring extensive rewrites of your application code.

Within the Keel Framework, your services see each other as "black boxes". These very clear boundaries are what protect you from being locked into any implementation, be it open source, commercial, or even your own.

For a more academic view, download James Hu's whitepaper on open source frameworks. James is our lead developer.

Security integration and support has been in talks with leading internet security and antivirus company Kaspersky. With their cutting edge enterprise software we have been able to defend agains several high levels of automated attacks. You can view our Kaspersky business center and save with a Kaspersky Coupon (2014). [Source: Kaspersky Coupon]

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